Success Stories

Stevens Superstar

Claudina G. Claudina G. came to Stevens Healthcare of Yoakum from the hospital following a total knee replacement. Upon arrival, she had a hard time with all functional activities including gait, transfers and activities of daily living(ADL’s) along with a limited range of motion to surgical knee.

Over the course of 3 weeks, she participated in both physical and occupation therapy to assist her in being able to return home independently. Treatment approaches included increasing strength to both legs with emphasis on surgical leg, improving and normalizing her gait pattern, increasing her range of motion to surgical knee and working on safety and independence with ADL’s. She also participated in a home evaluation prior to her graduating from our facility to ensure maximum safety upon returning home!

Due to some medical complications, she was unable to take pain medications. Nursing, along with therapy, worked together to come up with a treatment approach to help control pain without using pain medications including regular use of modalities such as cold packs and electrical stimulation along with manual therapy techniques. She received great results from the doctor at her follow up orthopedic appointment!

Due to her hard work, dedication to therapy and her positive attitude, Claudina G. is now ready to return home! She is independent with gait, transfers and demonstrates good safety with all ADL’s! Thank you Claudina G. for allowing us the opportunity to serve you and help you reach your goals!

“Wish It, Dream It, Do It”

success story - staff team Barbara M. entered Stevens Healthcare of Yoakum to receive therapy for her left shoulder which had been replaced. She had some setbacks like phlebitis and gout that kept her from meeting her original plan to get rehab and go home! Because she set her mind to it, Barbara accomplished her goal with physical and occupational therapies such as upper range of motion exercises and walking which improved her balance and endurance. Now, Barbara says she is “doing great!” and is driving herself home! Cindy Spann, COTA DOR reports that Barbara is “90%” recovered. Barbara says thanks her wonderful surgeon, Dr. Chen of Austin, and the therapy department: Cindy, David, Kelly and Taylor. Her success was also due to care she received at Stevens and says that “all my needs were met.” We are so pleased with Barbara’s “can do” attitude and accomplishment!

patient with nurseMarilyn L. was admitted to Stevens Healthcare of Yoakum to rehabilitate from increased weakness due to pneumonia.

She was motivated to work hard during physical and occupational therapy five times per week so that she could return home to her active lifestyle. Marilyn dressed up in costume when her stay included Halloween activities.

She returned home stronger and independent after only 21 days. “I would definitely come back to Stevens Health Care if I ever need to. Everyone
was just so nice to me and helpful.”

On the Road To Recovery

nurse with patientBetty B. had back surgery and came to Stevens Health Care & Rehab for recovery due to weakness following surgery, inability to walk, intravenous antibiotic care, and treatment for her surgical site. Therapist David Bell (PTA) said that the rehab goal was to “build endurance and leg strength” so that this patient could return home safely. Mrs. B. said that the main factors for her successful recovery were “good physical therapy” and that everyone was careful with her. The diathermy machine during therapy (at a non-thermal setting) gave her great relief from pain. She went from standing for only a few minutes to standing for 20 minutes. Mrs. B. reports that after 26 days of therapy, she can walk with a walker and is much more independent.

Regarding her stay here, Mrs. B. said that she felt “like a queen” the way she was waited on by staff for meals, therapy, and other needs. Her brothers and sister were the original Stevens who built this facility in 1966, so she said that she felt “comfortable” here after being a volunteer and visiting many family and friends (residents and staff). Her late husband worked at Stevens after “retirement”! David Bell commented, “Anytime someone is highly motivated (like Mrs. B.), it makes our job easy.”

Congratulations on a successful rehab, Betty B.!